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Competition Ready, Hand-Made in the UK

Charm'n Textiles is all about providing high-quality competition-wear for gymnasts and dancers across the UK. Every piece we produce is hand-made to your specifications. Do you need certain colours or materials? No problem! Want crystals and sequins? Just ask! Nothing is too much trouble. Our gymnastics competition leotards are designed in accordance with international standards, so you can take to the floor and wow the judges with confidence! The team have experience with gymnastics at an international level and are highly-skilled in working with textiles. Our hand-made leotards are just the thing for your next competition!


Our Story..

Hi there, I'm Carol! x

I am a mum of 5 children, all of which have competed in Acrobatic Gymnastics Internationally and in Great Britain. Between them they have won medals from National level to World and European levels. I was first introduced to competition leotards when my son competed in his first National competition in 2012. The leotard was very expensive and I thought “my mum could make this!” When my daughter needed a custom gymnastics leotard (as she was going to World Trials), I had to sell my car to be able to pay for it, and I thought, "I'm going to approach the owner of the club to put my case forward.”

Mum Saves the Day

My mum was a professional seamstress, so the club owner agreed that she could make a sample, show her work and see if it was good enough for my daughters, who were representing the club in competition. Turns out it was! My mum made several competition-standard custom gymnastics leotards but, sadly, she was getting too old to sew and her hands were giving up, so I took over, with her help. Each time I made a leotard, I got better and found ways to make the design better.

The Next Generation..

My daughter Melissa, who was studying Textiles at college, showed an interest and helped me with designs as, initially, this was not my strong point. She has completed a degree in Textiles and Design at University and is full-time, designing and creating beautiful custom gymnastics leotards. She has a great deal of experience and skill with fabric, manipulating it to create something amazing! Now, we work as a team, supplying the wider community with high-quality, bespoke dance and gymnastics leotards.



Why Choose Us?

Priced to Budget

We learnt first-hand just how expensive competition-standard leotards can be, so we set our pricing to your budget. We'll render you a competition-ready leotard, within the budget we agree, so there's no barrier between your competitors and the competitions they're chasing.

Gymnastics Experience

As mentioned above, our family unit have experience in gymnastics at National, International and World levels. We know how important it is for your competitors to have high-quality leotards that look stunning and don't hamper performance. Whatever decoration you require, we can oblige!

Textiles Qualified

Melissa is our head of textiles, with a degree in the discipline from a respectable University. She has honed her craft over many years and is now qualified to produce custom gymnastics leotards that meet international standards. We know the standard and we know leotards.


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